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Miss Wong graduated from one of the well-known Russell Group universities with an honour in Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences.  She previously worked in one of Hong Kong public schools and was inspired by the Principal and the school secretary to return to the UK to pursue a postgraduate study in Education as well as Special Education Needs course.  Since returning to the UK, Miss Wong has been working in a secondary school and invigilating in Maths and Chinese subjects for many years.

Moreover, Miss Wong commenced her career in one of the famous guardianship companies in the Association of Guardianship Organisation and has built up her experience and network on offering guardianship services and education advice to overseas students and parents.  The overseas students will be looked based on their personal needs and will be monitored by assistance and guidance; this is to ensure their safety and wellbeing whilst studying in the UK.

Other than this, Miss Wong has a close contact with the local education authority and Special Education Office.  In accordance to the Education Act and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act in the United Kingdom, Miss Wong also specialises in assisting students with special educational needs to get the appropriate services and support from the school and the relevant departments to help them develop in both academic and non-academic environments.


Miss Wong’s work experience in mainstream school and special education schools meant that she understands the British primary, secondary and universities education act’s standards and mathematics curriculum.  She has been running tutoring programs during her spare time for several years to children from different cultural backgrounds and abilities, whilst nurturing them with the cultivation of independent thinking and active learning, the growth logical thinking and maths answering technique. She regularly launches creative education workshops and special education services at all different aspects; for example, she uses new training techniques to help students overcome their learning disabilities, and also enhance their reading and writing skills, memory and attention capacity.

Miss Wong’s education concept has been nurtured by the British education environment which focuses on developing one’s potential by identifying their needs; provide additional assistance in identifying recent development zones and use of scaffolding techniques and special academic exercises to help students to progress. Miss Wong wishes to see her students learn and grow in a relaxed environment without too much pressure from homework and tests; thereby helping them to build up their interest in learning.

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Miss Wong
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