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Provide advice and services to apply for UK schools

Our team and the school will establish a close cooperative relationship to assist students' academic and personal development. So we regularly visit the students to ensure that they are actively involved in school life and establish good relations with their teachers and peers. We also follow up on our students’ progression within schools, ensuring there are opportunities to develop their full potentials and the right environment to cultivate a sound character.


Whist in need or under concerns, we encourage students to contact us directly via email or phone to the V & W team, we will be acting as a legal appointed guardian to go to the school. Given the variety of options in selecting the right school for your child, it is important for you to know what types of schools are available:

Different Elite Schools and well-known schools:

UK’s most elite schools are Eton College (located in Windsor), Harrow College (near London), St Paul Girls' School and Winchester College etc.


In the South, there are several famous private schools, for example St. Swithun's school (located in Winchester), King Edward VI School (in Southampton) and Bradfield College (in Reading).

1st class schools
Private school

Students holding British and Portuguese passports can apply for public (free tuition) schools. UK’s most leading public schools are mainly based in London, Windsor, Winchester and Portsmouth. These schools have different subsidiary DSS schools with first-class equipment and first-class teachers, so students with Portuguese nationality are most encouraged by us to enroll in those schools. If parents have their own reasons, or prefer to let children attend private boarding schools, some private schools also offer a special tuition discount to EU/EEA national (i.e. British and Portuguese passport holders).


Non-EU/EEA nationals (such as Hong Kong nationals or PRC nationals) can apply for private/ elite (boarding) schools.

Choosing a school:
public or private? 

Public school

Many parents are very concerned about how to choose the best schools for their children. Our educational professionals will evaluate parents’ needs and your children’s ability before arranging the most suitable information for school selections. You will be assisted to apply to a list of schools to maximize the chance of getting into the best one.  St John’s College is a Christian co-educational day and boarding school located in Portsmouth, United Kingdom for 2 – 18 years old. The whole school is on one site with boarding facility– with their Nursery, Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form all together as one community.

During February 2016, those Hong Kong and Guangdong parents and students who applied to St John’s College, Southsea have been assisted by us to have an interview with the new Principal Mr Barley in Hong Kong.

private boarding

English Language Schools:

Our company has many years of experience assisting students from different age groups or adults to study at our list of accredited English schools in different regions at the South.  Even if you are a beginner, a learner, a professional or someone who want to stay abroad to learn English as a foreign language, we are here to help you choose the most suitable school with the best accommodation and transportation. At the same time, our staff will become your legal guardian or legal parental supporter offering you the most appropriate supports and assistance. The courses are shown as followings:

Adult English Courses;
Junior English Summer Courses;

University Preparations;
IELTS Exam Preparation Course

Language Skills Training Course;

Teacher Training Course;

Specialist Training Courses;

Business English Course. 

English school

Etherton Summer Courses:

We are an authorised agent working with Etherton to promote their UK summer courses to students worldwide. Please refer to the attachments to see our agent certificate and photos taken last years with some of our V&W students and other Etherton students.

Etherton Education has been running academic summer programs in British Boarding Schools for 15 years. The directors are Peter and Anne Etherton who have been involved in teaching English more than 40 years and they also taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong  as  well  as  many other institutions  in different places. 

Throughout the coming summer 2018, there will be different courses available to the students during the period of 9/7/2018-2/9/2018. The durations of the course would be 2,4,6 or 8 weeks depending on your preferences and their availabilities. The locations will be Lord Wandsworth College, Hampshire and Wellington School, Somerset and Badminton School, Bristol.

Please see  the attached leaflet,   Etherton brochure and  application form  for more information and prices.

Etherton Summer Courses
UK Universities:


Although many overseas students find that the applying to UK universities is very difficult, we have our expertise in this area. Our team will support students throughout all the UCAS stages; starting from applying to your selections to accepting the offers, we will assist you to deal with all procedures and to response to the universities appropriately.

Joining our V&W guardianship package, we will not only offer and provide all the transportations and airport collections but also assist and nurture the students, build up the ability to integrate into school community and help them develop all skills in order to ensure their wellbeing,  welfare and completion of their studies.   

special school
Special Needs Schools:

We believe that each student has their own potentials and we understand all the legislations and the regulations for the Special Educational Needs (SEN) and disabled pupils.  Our SEN coordinator will also provide a full support to those parents whose children need to have the best schooling and Educational Health Plan for them. 

In the UK, all the SEN schools meet the diverse needs of children with SEN by being proactive in adopting varied approaches to learning and teaching in a fun and relaxing environment. Children will be able to maximize their participation and engagement. They will learn strategies that enable them to cope with the challenging environments and to become more efficient in focusing on what they still need to learn. These will help each child cope with frustrations and develop self-confidence and pro-social relationships. Our target is to help them become confident, self-reliant and caring members of the society.

Our V&W SEN support team will perform and provide assessment, consultation and follow-up services in the school selections for your children. We will strive to do our best to understand their needs and interests as well as getting the best pastoral supports from the school. We will adjust our guardianship plans to better suit all the needs of your children and ensure that they can enjoy equal educational opportunities in accordance with the law regardless of their special needs.

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