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We offer Visa & Immigration Support, Guardianship Services, professional educational consultancy and guardianship services to overseas parents and students. Our services also include UK school selections and applications, pastoral and academic care, observation tour arrangement and summer study programmes.

 Welcome to V & W Educational Consultancy Ltd


Get your Hong Kong BN(O) Visa from January 2021

This is the latest visa scheme for Hong Kong British National (Overseas) citizens. All BN(O) citizens and their eligible immediate dependants will have the right to apply for a special UK visa from January 2021. Contact us for further assistance and updates.

Our company will help the applicants demonstrate their eligibility, prepare the documents and submit the applications. We also offer various services to support parents and students in school selection, house hunting, dealing with billing companies, etc. We can give you professional advice until you settle well in the UK.


This will give you a peace of mind.

Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme before 30 June 2021

(Final call: you must have started living in the UK by 31 December 2020)

Since 2019, we have assisted EU students, their parents and family members to apply for Pre-settled or Settled Status successfully and secure their rights in UK law. Our staff not only helped them prepare and collect all the required documents for the applications but also provided full advice and assistance to help them continue living, studying and working in the UK.

They are grateful that they can
- work in the UK
- use the NHS service
- enrol in education
- access public funds (if being eligible)
- travel in and out of the UK

Tutoring lessons are performing well

Some of our tutoring services are provided through partnership with Hants Tutoring & Childcare Services Ltd which is registered with Ofsted (URN: 2513671) and SID coordinated by Southampton City Council. Our regional coordinator is also a lead tutor at this centre. Our tutors are specialised in Maths and Science.  

Even during the lockdown, our top tutors such as Dr Chan and Miss Wong have offered students online tutoring classes to get through the last summer term. This helped our students stay on the academic track in all subjects despite school closure and prepare for advanced levels in their studies.


We will continue to work with the parents and students in the new academic year. 

Huge success in getting offers from Eton College,

Winchester College, Kings Edward, St Swithun’s and The Kings

Another year of success in 2020!  95% of our young students got into elite schools which have been always oversubscribed and difficult to get in.  However, our regional coordinator and our top tutors have strived the best to help our students and teach them the required knowledge.  As a consequence, they did exceptionally well in their interviews, entrance exams or ISEB examinations.

UCAS undergraduate applications 2020

Our guardianship students had the full assistance from us in the UCAS applications.  Our mentors have given them appropriate guidance in university selection and career advice according to their potential, skills and levels.  We provide them information on what to expect on result days, and tips for going through the process.

Moreover, we have helped a few new clients to transfer successfully to better universities in Year 2. Our team has assisted them in choosing the right university and taught them how to write personal statements.

Summer Courses 2019 in the UK


During the forthcoming summer, we will provide a variety of activities and courses. If any parents are interested, please feel free to contact us for more details.

We work with Etherton Education, SBC Oxford Summer School and a select number of British Council Accredited Language Schools that they offer various academic summer courses for international students aged 10-17 years old as well as offer quality language and activity programmes for Junior (11-17) and Adults (16+). 

Our V&W team can assist the parents in course applications and transportation arrangements in UK for student(s).  We will safeguard and promote the welfare of your child during the stay in UK. That means we will act as a summer guardian to your child in case of any crisis or in any emergency giving you a peace of mind.

V&W School Selection Consultancy Services

for September 2018 entry


Congratulations to our new V&W students who secured offers from well-known independent schools in Hampshire such as St Swithun's School for girls in Winchester, King Edward VI School and The Gregg Preparatory School (St Winifred's School) in Southampton as well as A levels offers from Peter Symonds Sixth Form College and Barton Peveril Sixth Form College.

Our consultants give parents comprehensive advices and support throughout the complicated and stressful process of choosing the right school (independent or selective state school). Our dedicated staff are available throughout the process to discuss choices, provide advice on application approaches, interviews and even preparation for entrance examinations if needed – our specialists are able to train the potential candidate with a strong field of knowledge in the main subjects. We fully guided the students until a offer is secured giving parents a peace of mind.

2018 Summer English Study Tour

has been successfully concluded

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to those supportive parents. With your supports and the active participation of your children, the various summer programs have been successfully completed. Through these programs, we have helped the students to broaden their horizons and learn from different experiences in all aspects and circumstances. We have also fostered their greater ability to reflect themselves and led students to discover the joy of learning.

                                                           2018 April - Well done to Jayden on receiving

the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Certificate

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the DofE leaders and assessors for their past support and encouragement to help our students complete their award scheme.  On the April 2018, we have been invited to the one of the students’ Award Presentation Evening and also had the honour to meet the leaders and also Mr. David James Love, a British Army Officer, adventurer, mountaineer and expedition leader. His speech was fully inspired our students in personal development and it is all about ordinary people doing extraordinary things in lives.

Hong Kong Business Trips in Dec 2017 and Feb 2018 

Our Principal Advisor, Dr. Chan and our regional coordinator, Miss Wong are around Hong Kong to meet prospective students and parents to enquire questions upon studying in England and discuss your child’s UK guardianship needs.  Feel free to add us in Whatsapp/ WeChat in +44 (0) 7990 534168 and arrange the time for appointment.  

Congratulations to our Regional Coordinator

Miss Wong is successfully qualified as an Ofsted Childminder.  Her legal registration number is EY555542.  More information can be obtained in the government websites of Southampton Information Directory (SID) and Ofsted.  Please click on the attached document to find further info. 

Miss Wong's Certificate of Registration

Ofsted is known as the ‘Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills.’ It is a government non-ministerial department  which report directly to the Parliament.

Therefore Miss Wong works as an individual Ofsted childminder; she will receive ongoing training (e.g. Paediatric First Aid) and inspections from the authorities and liaise with the local Safeguarding Children Board and Children’s Services as appropriate.  All these experiences made her understand the importance of the UK’s educational system and she dedicates her professional career in assisting all our current and prospective students from different background and abilities to explore and effectively utilise their potentials under a secure, safe and happy environment.


Regional and Overseas Education Agents

We had Dr. Chan and Miss Wong as representatives this year for the most recent trainings and meetings with British Council English Language Schools and local authorities.  We also work with regional and overseas agents, advisors and consultants around promoting and supporting quality, professionalism and integrity.  

Our V&W team have our expertise in advising students about studying and living in England.  We are also promoting innovative English courses for juniors, adults and teachers throughout the whole year especially during the summer.

Our company will assist applicant(s) to place in the best accredited languages schools and offer help and support them maintain the safety of the UK stay.

Special arrangements during every half-term/ holiday 

According to different needs of parents, our company has assisted a group of students to go back to Hong Kong for a short stay in the half term.  Hope our students will spend their time wisely and cherish the time with their families.  On the other hand, the rest of the overseas students have been arranged to stay in local host families and to have a variety of activities and English studies each day.  Our company staff will visit them regularly and ensure that they have not only settled well in the homestay families but are also learning the British culture whilst enjoying those different learning opportunities.

Saying farewell to the academic year 2016-2017

Our staff have assisted our students to settle in their school life and allocated them a place in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and other extra-curricular programmes.  We are here to help them foster the spirit of adventure and to promote sports and pastimes as a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, we had worked with the students to complete the Diamond Challenge, which aims to challenge themselves, develop their social adaptability through involvement with others and serve in the community.  This is one of our certificates of the Diamond Challenge.

H.K. and Macau students successfully entered
the UK's top universities in September 2016

We have successfully assisted students from Hong Kong and Macau to apply to and enter the top universities in September 2016. Our staff helped the students settle into their new accommodation and informed their parents on the students’ personal development, extra-curricular activities and study life in the UK. Our aim is not only to become the students’ legal guardian in the UK, but also become their good buddies.

2016 & 2017 Summer English Study Tour

has been successfully concluded

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to those supportive parents. With your supports and the active participation of your children, the various summer programs have been successfully completed. Through these programs, we have helped the students to broaden their horizons and learn from different experiences in all aspects and circumstances. We have also fostered their greater ability to reflect themselves and led students to discover the joy of learning.

February 2016 & Summer 2015  Education Exhibitions
have come to successful conclusion in Hong Kong!

Our Education Exhibitions in the Summer 2015 and February 2016 were successfully held. We would like to thank the parents, teachers and principals for their incredible supports. We are planning to launch more events this coming year as well as organising parent meetings for those shown interested to our V&W services.


If any parents have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

   Company Activities Notice
Online Tutoring for prospective students
for academic year 2020 to 2021

We have seen a rise of Online Tutoring becomes the favoured option for students in Hong Kong and China. Because of the pandemic, many parents had decided to defer their ideas to send children abroad these two years. However, they are still hoping to have us support the child's learning and help them develop their skills with the support from our experienced tutors. This will not only help them have access to the British curriculum, well prepared for the fundamentals elements and also understand the pedology in UK.


The core subject for the secondary schools are English, Mathematics and Sciences, therefore the students can benefit from engaging in interactive lessons. There are a number of online mediums and platforms we would be using such as Zoom, and File sharing website Dropbox and Google Drive. These also help students build up the ICT skills and stay organised with tutors.

E-mentoring V&W connects our guardianship students and recent V&W graduates

Through our mentoring platform, we keep in touch with our students and give advices to our fresh graduates in order to enrich their education and widen their prospects in the future. Our online or face-to-face mentoring is a supportive, structured relationship which will help students to develop their skills and achieve their targets. The relationship will be supported by a wide range of research, resources and activities and tasks relating to education and career pathway.

We had a big success in 2019-2020 Academic Year

Our university students gained scholarships to read Master Degrees at Imperial College. We also helped overseas and local applicants to prepare for Oxbridge applications and examinations so they got interviews. Many of our other students performed well in the entrance exams and interviews at elite schools.


The last few terms were difficult indeed for everyone because of the global pandemic of Covid-19. We strived our best to assist the students and parents. For those students who wanted to return home overseas, we had arranged transportation for them to arrive the airport safely. We also followed up to ensure that they could carry on with the school curriculum online to produce work of great quality. For those who wanted to stay with their host families, they adapted to the lockdown. All of our students were able to study online and finish their reports or dissertations. 

GCSE & A-level Result Days in Academic Year 2019/2020

We want to congratulate all the A-level students who have worked very hard in the unprecedented difficult circumstances due to Covid-19. Most of them can get into their Firm Choice (1st choice of university). However, a few students felt their teachers' predicted grades were downgraded.


We as a company are working incredibly hard with the colleges to support the students to appeal or sit the examinations in the autumn of 2020 and support them for an adjustment in UCAS applications. 


Our group of GCSE students have been awarded with good grades and are looking forward to moving on entering Sixth forms/ colleges to study A-levels.

 2018 Summer term

Well done to all our students in making good effort in this academic year! Our Year 11 students will sit most of their GCSEs under the new 9-1 scale with an exam entry to GCSE Chinese as special arrangement. We will also offer pre exam courses to students sitting exams in May and June in preparation of the public examinations.

During August 2018, we will accompany our students to get their GCSE results or A-level Results. We look forward to supporting them during the transition period to their next education milestone. Our service will include a tailored transition programme throughout induction days and the first few weeks of term.  (i.e. help students move from primary school to secondary school, or secondary school to college as well as from college to university.)

Spring term 2017/2018

We were busy helping out V&W students preparing for examinations with revision, time management courses and counselling.  Our allocated mentors had regular meetings with each student and helped them to feel more positive during this stressful period.

2018 February 

Our V&W team met with various schools in December 2017 and in February 2018, our Regional Coordinator, Miss Wong, will be available in Hong Kong and China to meet up with prospective students and parents who wish to enquire about our V&W Guardianship ServicesSummer Programs and any other educational consultancy.

2018 January

V&W coordinator liaised with UK Maths Trust and the Head of Mathematics in various schools to help high Maths achieving V&W students enrol in the national UK Maths Challenges. We also offered tailored revision classes to prepare students in taking the Common Entrance Exam to transition to outstanding schools.

Autumn term 2017/2018

With our guardianship services, our students fully transitioned and settled well into their schools and host families.  We have been liaising with students, parents and schools to ensure our V&W students live healthy and positively in new environment.  We also offer Revision Classes and Tutoring Sessions to our students.


As part of our service, we also sought out to enrol different non academic activities including regional and national activities to our students with the aim to build up time management skills and other soft skills.  Here we enclosed a document regarding

one of our inspiring V&W students' story  under our guardianship services.   

2017 August and September 

High volume of visa applications with processing delay at the UK Home Office.


Fortunately this did not impact our students who attended their summer programmes or school enrolment.  Thanks to our Visa Advisor who supported our students' visa applications. 

2017 Summer Vacation

Last summer, we had numerous students participating in various UK summer schools including the Fun Summer English Program, Cultural Exchange at Youth Campus and Etherton Education.  Our students experienced first hand studying in the UK, and a fun environment to learn English and practice their English.

2017 May and June 

Well done to our Year 11 and Year 13 students who sat their GCSE and A levels exams.  Shout out to our students at UCL and Imperial College who are coping well in their university studies. 

2017 January

Exams are fast approaching. We are holding revision classes on different subjects to help you get better grades. If any students are interested, please talk to your regional coordinators.

2016 September

This Welcoming Event had welcomed our students from Hong Kong and Macau to join our V & W family! Through a full schedule of activities and seminars, our V&W students were assisted to adapt to the campus life and learning environment, and have to a clear goal for the academic year.  Our staff will take the initiative to care about their student life and keep in contact with teachers and parents regularly.

2016 Summer

V&W Company were working effectively with other local Learning Centres for the accomplished 2016 residential camps or Summer Programs.  A unique and challenging daily schedule has helped the students learn new skills, develop their potential and have fun.  This has nurtured their self–confidence and helped them to follow right directions in lives.

2016 February

In February 2016, we followed up with those prospective students we had recruited in August 2015 and offered parents guardianship services consultation and professional advice.  For those students who applied to the UK Schools and Colleges, we had arranged interviews with them and a few even had the opportunities to meet the Principal from a UK College. In addition, we have met up with the high school students who had submitted UCAS undergraduate applications for September 2016.  We made sure they fully understood all the fundamental steps in the whole procedures and how to make their choices once they have been selected.

2015 Summer

During August 2015, we were recruiting prospective students in Hong Kong and Macau looking to study in UK schools from the academic year in September 2016.  We do not only offer professional advice on the aspects of studying in England but also assist parents and students with any suitable UK Observation Trip.

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