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The UK has many world-class educational institutions and registered training organisations offering enjoyable activities for young people. It is highly recommended for those International students to take part in summer activities.  For those parents who want to help their children choose the right school and course, you may find us a good starting point.

Choosing the right program is one of the most important decisions your child will benefit, we will help them choose a course based on their interests and abilities. Our programs will provide a friendly, comfortable, and safe environment.

幼兒園Little St John's校長學習的樂趣

Our Company is working with few English Schools who are accredited by the British Council; as a result they are fully inspected under the Accreditation UK scheme, which is one of the most rigorous systems in the world.  It does not only check all student welfare and centre resources but also their progress, services and teaching quality.  Our professional consultants can help you choose the most suitable English language school according to your needs.  The team of experienced lecturers and teachers provide high quality of teaching with appropriate follow-up and strategies.


The schools provide safe, healthy, high-quality learning environment and accommodation. The curriculum will improve the students’ English, for example professional workshops, performing art, e-learning platform; all these resources will help your students become self-managing learners.

Summer Boarding Schools

Summer Boarding Courses are highly recommended by our company, they are very unique from other UK Study Tours. They are particularly ideal for the prospective overseas students to experience the British Culture and learn the life integrated in boarding school or host families at the same time. 

The program covers topics such as academic studies, English language, art and sports as pedagogy and strongly focuses on training English, including listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar.

Our experienced V & W staff will help your children to understand and adapt to the school environment as soon as possible. Hence they can learn interactively, not only to promote English proficiency, but also to enhance their self-discipline and the ability to be a good team member.

summer boarding school
Summer Enrichment Camps

We have accumulated many years of experience preparing outdoor camps for different children. The curriculums will suit the unique needs of your children.  According to their interests and school performance, we would also tailor the schedules of the course and activities.

The residential campsites and the centres provide warm and fun-learning environments, and our staff will help the young people gain a positive attitude toward life.  In order to improve their wellbeing, we are targeting to challenge them with different levels of tasks, where they can engage into a wide range of learning experiences to learn self- resilience and ability to overcome barriers.

summer camps
English Training Camps

V&W Company encourages children and young people taking part in activities programmes at our partnership centres. Providing a chance for them to experience different challenges, it is to help them explore their potentials.  All Selected Centres are registered and inspected by Ofsted following all the regulations.  Our friendly staff will make regular visits and to provide them a safe and extraordinary training.  Sessions comprise a mix of physical games (such as hiking and rock climbing), skills development (such as communication skill, survival skill, leadership skill and being a good team member) and expedition (such as camping and orienteering).

Through participating different activities within the programme, the children would be challenged in many ways; they will be equipped with different skills and be able to see their strengths and weaknesses.  Our aim is to help young people build up resilience and perseverance.

survival camp
University Preparation Course

This course is designed by the accredited English Language School specified for those who are applying for university undergraduate courses. The course will last for six weeks. The vision is to lead students toward the goals we have defined to help them acquire and retain communication skills and other skills.  We will make sure the students master the abilities they envision at the beginning of the university term.  The course syllabus will cover how to accomplish techniques in writing, discussion, field work, collaboration and how to write bibliography using referencing pools.  

This pre-university course also provides a platform for each student to consolidate their academic foundation and reinforce their previous knowledge. They will be prepared for higher education and good skills for any forthcoming challenging.

uni prep course
Pre-GCSE Summer Course

We are working collaboratively with few Boarding Schools accredited by British Council to arrange overseas students from 13 to 15 or those are preparing to study GCSE or Year 9 (Form 3) in UK.  The schools follow the statutory national curriculum framework in all details for teaching.  The students will be organised with a full study timetable.  Apart from taking part in those exciting extra activities and sightseeing trips over every weekend, they have to study English and Drama every weekday and even up to ten other academic subjects in the whole week.  After school, all of them have to engage in at least one hour of sport to develop their physical strength including cricket and Ruby.  Teachers will help them develop subject knowledge in each of the subjects they have chosen.  

For example, students will be developed with a systematic and logical approach throughout various observations to discovering how things in our surroundings and phenomena work. The V & W Concern Group will regularly check with the needs of students and build a good relationship to help them adapt to new life and integrate into the school community.

pre gcse course
Pre-A Level Summer Course

Our company has the expertise in assisting the pupils aged between 16 and 18 years old to integrate into this summer course. The compulsory subjects they must take are English and Drama, and there is a wide selection of subjects to choose from Maths, Addition Maths, Physical, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, History, Geography, Art, Psychology and Theory of Knowledge.  All of the subjects above are taught by professional teachers and specialists, they will even help the students learn the entire subject based vocabularies and fundamental grammatical skills.


There are many hand-on experiments, practical work and laboratory works the students are expected to do in Science lesson, these will shape students with their scientific knowledge, understanding and skills. This will also build up their conceptual science knowledge and systemically approaches to problem solving throughout all the laboratory procedure and observations.

pre a level course
IELTS Exam Preparation Course

IELTS is suitable for those who have prior knowledge of the language. So, for example, for those who have the abilities to keep up on an academic course and those who use English to support their employability, this is to access their English level.  The test results of this examination is recognized around this world in many Universities and Colleges, Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers, applying for the Hong Kong Government civil service posts, university admissions organizations and other organizations.  


Tests include listening, reading comprehension, writing and conversation skills in four languages.

exam pre course
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