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About V&W Educational Consultancy Ltd

We offer visa & immigration support, professional educational consultancy and guardianship services to overseas parents and students. Our services also include UK school selection and applications, pastoral and academic care, observation tour arrangement and summer study programmes.

Our company is operated based on our passion and expertise in education and guardianship. We have supports from an extensive network of professionals, including teachers, doctors, specialists and professors. Based in Hampshire, England, we work with many schools and universities in the UK. Our students come from around the world, e.g. China, Hong Kong, Macau and North America. We work closely with parents to ensure the most suitable education and guardianship for their children.


In order to maintain our high quality services, we follow all the Guardianship Guidelines and Child Protection Regulations in the UK, as well as collaborate with the local authorities to meet the national standards. In addition, we maintain good contact with the Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCB) and Children’s Social Work Service (CSWS) to ensure the Children Protections Plan and standards are implemented.

            Company Vision

We focus on providing parents with an ease of mind when they are planning to send their children to study overseas, assists and provide various supports to our clients to ensure a smooth transition. We hope to help your children overcome any difficulties and obstacles they may face whilst living in the UK and help them become integrated with their new environment and surroundings.


We are the communication bridge between you, your child and the school, this is to help your child to study happily in the school and equip them to be the future social pillars!

Our Team

We all maintain our professionalism and follow to the UK law when performing our work, serving our overseas students with the best services and ensure the safety and wellbeing in the United Kingdom.


According to the needs of each individual parent, we offer the optimum and most suitable guardianship services and educational consultancy to your children. 


This includes school application, arranging host families, itinerary to the UK, airport transfer and arranging tuitions etc…

 Implementation of the protection of children in travel and tourism

V & W Educational Consultancy Ltd also works with the child protection experts from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to support the different aspects in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people while they are staying in the UK, aiming to provide and maintain a safe environment and to prevent any potential risk of abuse or exploitation. The company HR team had gone through a strong recruitment procedure to select all our employees (including company director, consultants, tutors, drivers and volunteers etc.) and have developed a monitoring system in line with international standards for the purpose of child protection. Therefore, we as the entire team here will strive our best to follow these implementations of safeguarding policies, procedures and regulations in Britain.

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