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Guardianship Services

According to the Children Act (1989), the Protection of Children Act (1999) and the Care Standards Act (2000), overseas students who receive full time education more than 12 weeks in England and their parents are not UK residents; a guardian aged over 25 years old must be appointed to promote and safeguard the welfare of the student. During term time, the school is the legally responsible party for the welfare of their students; however during holiday period whereby the students are not allowed to stay in the school (i.e. during half term, Easter break, summer break); the parental responsibilities will revert to the appointed guardian. Such legislations are in place to protect the right of our students and ensure there are proper and appropriate safeguards in place.


Our guardianship company respects students' rights, religion and family customs, in accordance with recognized standards under the law in order to provide the best care and guardianship services to our students. We will draw up a care plan best suited to the parents, and we will sign a statutory duty as a standard protocol file to protect your child custody rights when he/she is studying in the UK.


Basic guardianship services:


1) Seven days a week, 24 hours a day emergency contact point, at any time when it is necessary we provide support and assistance for students;


2) Act with delegated parental consent to sign for any medical matters agreed by parents in case of emergency or crisis;


3) Close contact with parents, overseas students and school (and host families - if applicable);


4*) Act as the representative in attending any Parents Evening or school events, and provide translated school reports to you;


5) Liaise with the school (over school holidays and exeat weekends) including all the information on travel and accommodation arrangement;


6) Arranging with host families the transportation to and from school, an airport shuttle and check in service;   (expenses on host family and fares are excluded)


7*) Regular school visits, give students pastoral and academics care and encouragement;


8) Appropriate assistance to students involved in medical and National Health Services in UK;


9 **) Assist visiting parents with their itinerary, including the provision of accommodation, school tour, and meeting with their children or outdoor time;


10 **) Arranging mentors or company consultants to monitor children's learning and personal problems and arranging extracurricular activities.


4* and 7* : frequency depends on different packages. 9 ** and 10 ** of services arrangements are based on the needs of students and parents to draw up, request and refer to the chart about prices.


Our Host Families


Students can be arranged to stay with either Chinese or English Host Families and participate in various social and sports activities, such as sight-seeing and shopping trips. Moreover we can arrange one-to-one tutoring in different subjects if requested.


All host families have received and gone through inspections and police checks to ensure they have no criminal record and are fit for caring. We make sure our host families provide a comfortable and safe environment suitable to your child, in line with the relevant standards and regulations and understanding of their legal responsibilities and duties for looking after our students.


Maintain regular communication


We maintain regular contact and visits with our students and provide 24-hour emergency assistance in the UK to ensure their safety and welfare at both their schools and host families. We hope to assist them in building harmonious relationship with others and striving to encounter with everyday life, as well as to give them guidance on how to overcome the language barrier and other difficulties they may face during their stay in the UK.



How is the transportation for students to/ from airports, schools or homestay location? 


The company's services include the use of the Company Car held by commercial access covered with business insurance or a registered host family car to pick up students in person from the school. Under special circumstances, our company can also arrange registered taxi drivers to carry the duty.


Private fostering arrangement in Half Term and participation in Study Tours 


During school holidays (half term) or long weekend (exeat weekend), when the students have to leave the school, our company will provide transportation and accommodation arrangements. At the beginning of school terms, we try to discuss the full school year plan with parents regarding the fostering care and transportation arrangements during vacation.  We work effectively with parents to adjust/ draw up the services plan tailored to their individual needs and preferences. For example: your child is going back to Hong Kong during summer vacation, we will make the appropriate arrangements to ensure their safety at the airport and transmission to the child care crew. 



5-7 days UK Observation Tours for parents and students


We offer UK Observation Tours to allow parents and their children to visit and experience England, the school you are interested in and any other well-known boarding schools, so that students can have an insight of local culture and life. Thereby we can help students to establish intimacy, set new goals and make a wise choice.


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